How To Make a Dry-Erase Board

How To Make a Dry-Erase Board

‘What’s for dinner?’  ‘What chores do you want me to do?’  ‘What do we need from the grocery store?’  If any of these are questions you get in your house, then keep reading because I’m going to show you how to make a dry-erase board quickly, easily, and for cheap that can provide the answers!

All The Uses…

How to make a dry erase board by Into DIY

Menu Board

Do you have a spouse or kids that ask every single night what you are having for dinner?  Are you even a little bit good at planning in advance?  If so, you can use this wipe-off board to list your planned meal for each night of the week. No more questions, just show everyone the menu board and let them know that the weekly dinner plan will be listed there going forward!

Chores/To-Do List

Do you and your roommate/spouse split up the household chores?  Or maybe you have kids that are responsible for some of the chores?  Maybe you just need a quick way to organize your daily to-do’s.  Use the wipe-off board to list out the chores/to-do’s and include a little box next to each so they can be checked off as they are completed! 

How to make a dry-erase board by Into DIY


Grocery List

‘Mom, we’re out of milk…grab some from the store when you go!’  ‘We need to remember to get cereal next time we go to the store.’ Statements like these are thrown out on the daily around my house. If you notice the same thing at yours, use the wipe-off board in the kitchen so as items need replacing, anybody can add them to the list of stuff needed from the store. And when it’s time to run to the store, snap a quick pic with your phone to take with you!

Or better yet…..make a few of these and use them for all the purposes above!

How To Make a Dry-Erase Board

how to make a dry-erase board by Into DIY


  • Picture frame
  • Craft or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Dry-erase marker

Step 1

I use cheap dollar-store frames and start by removing the back and the paper photo insert that usually comes in them.

Step 2

Lay your chosen paper in the frame as if it were a picture. You may need to cut it to fit and/or add more than one sheet to fill-out the inside of the frame.  

*I used scrapbooking paper that I found at Hobby Lobby.  

*TIP: In order to see your marker on the front, try to keep your chosen paper on the lighter side and fairly simple; the busier the paper, the harder it will be to read your lists.

Step 3

Replace the back, back on the picture frame and flip it over….TA-DA!!

How to make a dry-erase board

You can dress it up with some ribbon/bows or anything you want, but it’s now ready for you to write on the front glass using a dry-erase marker. When it’s time to change the list, just wipe it right off and it’s ready again!

Do you have other uses for the dry-erase board other than what I mentioned above? Comment and let me know!

Until next time,

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how to make a dry erase board by Into DIY
Make a Dry-Erase Marker Board for under $5 and keep track of your lists!

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