How To Make a Bubble Wreath

How To Make a Bubble Wreath

Wreaths, wreaths, and more wreaths! They seem to be all the rage these days; from seasonal wreaths to holiday wreaths you see them on nearly every front door! There are different styles and types of wreaths, but one of my favorites is the bubble wreath. I’m going to teach you how to make a bubble wreath.

Different Types of Wreaths

If you try to buy bubble wreaths at a retailer like Hobby Lobby, you’ll find they are pretty pricey. My motto is ‘I can totally make that for less’! 

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Bubble wreaths are typically inexpensive and quick to make. They get their name based on the overall finished look which leaves the material bubbling out around the wreath form. These are made using a box wire form. They are often made with burlap, wired wide ribbon, and/or deco mesh.

How to make a bubble wreath by Into DIY

There are foam wreath forms that you can tie material around and/or insert floral/greenery pieces into. 

There are also grapevine forms, straw forms, and moss forms that you can use as a base to build upon. These tend to cost a bit more unless you can catch a sale at your local craft store and score all the florals for half-off.  

The wreaths above are probably the most popular wreath forms but there are also some very specific and creative forms, like pine cone or ornament wreaths.

How to make a bubble wreath by Into DIY

There are ideas out there all over Pinterest and other search engines that will show you images of beautiful wreaths and how you can accessorize them to completely customize them to your taste/decor.  

One thing you can do if you want to make just one bubble wreath to serve year-round is to make it using plain burlap. Then, you can add on some removable accessories that can be swapped out throughout the year!

How To Make A Bubble Wreath

(**NOTE: this is just one of several ways to make a bubble wreath and it’s how I make mine. You could also substitute the burlap with wide, wired ribbon or deco mesh but the movement and method would stay the same.)

How to make a bubble wreath by Into DIY


Wired Ribbon or other accessories to add (optional)


fold the end of your burlap into quarters and secure it to the corner of your wire form where the inside ring meets one of the cross, support pieces using wire, string, or twist ties. This will help so you don’t have to hold your starting point while you are working the first few sections.


keep the burlap folded in half throughout the whole process as it will create a more finished look. Push the burlap up between the inner and middle rings to create a bump (bubble) and repeat that between the two middle rings, and again between the middle and outer rings. How big you want each ‘bubble’ to be is up to you, just remember that the bigger the ‘bubble’ the more burlap you will need.

*If this is your first time, it will likely be a bit awkward until you get started. I’m a lefty and no matter how many times I make a bubble wreath, I stumble around the first few minutes trying to figure out where to place my hands versus the burlap for it to feed easily.  


start again and do the same thing right next to it, starting with the inner and middle ring again. After each section I go ahead and fluff up each bubble to be about how I want it, then scrunch the just completed section along the wire form toward the starting point to keep it nicely bunched and tight.

Keep repeating…

this process as you continue around the wreath form. You will run out of burlap at some point and you just quarter the burlap and secure it to the wire form as you did to begin with, and then do the same to start your next burlap roll.

How to make a bubble wreath by Into DIY

How to make a bubble wreath by Into DIY


ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE WREATH FORM, YOU ARE DONE…if you want to be. If you just want a simple burlap bubble wreath then congrats…go hang it on your front door! If you want to add something to it you could dress it up with a colorful bow/ribbon. You could affix florals, trinkets, lightweight signs, etc to the form using more wire or twist ties.

Do you have other ideas for sprucing up your bubble wreath?  Let me know.

Until next time,

P.S. – Check out my tutorial on How to Cut Burlap Without It Unraveling

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How to Make a Bubble Wreath in 3 Easy Steps
Make a bubble wreath with these 3 easy steps!

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