How To Make a Lantern-like Candle Cover

How To Make a Lantern-like Candle Cover

Aren’t those glass candle lanterns pretty? Especially all lit up!  You can find these at most home stores but I like to look at things and think, ‘I can totally make that for less’! So, I have a cheap, quick version on how to make a lantern-like candle cover.

How to make a lantern-like candle cover by Into DIY

While this version can be made for roughly $10, it is very fragile and is meant as a decoration only. It will slide over the top of your candle for aesthetic purposes. It’s not going to be one of those pieces you can move all over the house whenever you feel like it. 

How To Make A Lantern-like Candle Cover


(4) – dollar-store picture frames of one size (I used 8 x 10’s)

(2)- smaller scale dollar-store picture frames (I used 5 x 7’s)

Hot glue gun/hot glue

Mini screwdriver (depending on how the backs are secured on your picture frames)

Step 1

Start by taking any stickers off the frames, remove all the backs and the paper inserts.

*If your frames are like mine, instead of having little metal tabs that you bend up/down to secure/remove the backs, mine had little swivel pegs at each corner that spun over the back to hold it in place or spun to the side to release the back. The swivel pegs were mounted to the corners with tiny screws. This is where the mini Phillips-head screwdriver came into play…I removed the screws/pegs so that my frames were smooth all the way around the perimeter.

Step 2

Remove the glass and put a dabs of hot glue along where the glass usually sits in place and replace the glass. Do this for all 6 of the frames.

Step 3

With the 4 larger frames, start hot gluing the long sides together in 90 degree angles, making a cube with four sides.  

Step 4

Lightly positioning the 2 smaller frames, form a ‘tent’ as the roof of the lantern. Add some glue to the edge of one of the longer sides of the frames and lean the long edge of the other frame against it.  The reason you want to hold them up in place is to get the angle right. Once that has a second to setup you can add some hot glue along the edges that rest along the top of the cube.

How to make a lantern-like candle cover by Into DIY

How to make a lantern-like candle cover by Into DIY

Anthat’s it…done! 

Carefully carry it and place it down over the top of the candle. I was able to reach one of the long lighters in through the opening at the top to light my candle. If you need, you can move it out of the way to light your candle and then lower it back down over the top. 

You can get the printable PDF for this project in my FREE projects library!

So, if you want a quick, easy, cheap way to achieve the lantern-like look, then give this a try. Let me know what you think! 

Until next time,

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how to make a lantern-like candle cover by Into DIY
DIY Lantern-like Candle Cover for $10

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