How To Make a Two-Tiered Tray | 3 Simple Items ~ 3 Easy Steps

How To Make a Two-Tiered Tray | 3 Simple Items ~ 3 Easy Steps

Have you seen those cute two- or three-tiered trays? They seem to have popped up everywhere! I found a nice metal one at a flea market several months back and I have loved the idea and look of them ever since. Below I’ll show you how to make a two-tiered tray for cheap!

How To Make a Two-Tiered Tray

The two-tiered tray I got at the flea market is in my bathroom to hold all the toiletries and cosmetics I use on the daily. I would like one for my closet to hold small items that I usually grab every morning on my way out the door like sunglasses, rings, bracelet, keys, etc.. I also wouldn’t mind having one in the kitchen for fruit or to display cookies/cupcakes when I make them.

The issue is cost and finding something the right size to fit my needs. Even though I bought the first one at a flea market, it was still $25. I have seen them at stores like Hobby Lobby, but even when they are on sale, the ones I find are too much money!

For the closet, I need something that will sit on top of my built-in dresser but is lower than the shelf above it. And similar for the kitchen, I don’t want to put anything that stands up too tall on the open area of my bar since it’s already at bar height. So that leaves something that will fit on the counter under the upper cabinets.

So I was thinking, ‘I can totally make one for less’ and I will be able to customize it at the same time!

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How To Make a Two-tiered Tray

How To Make a Two-tiered Tray


  • Hot glue gun/hot glue
  • (2) plates (one smaller than the other)
  • Table leg 
  • Paint/stain

Step 1

Paint or stain your table leg if necessary and let it dry. If your leg is already finished the way you like, then proceed to step 2.

How To Make a Two-tiered Tray

Step 2

Use hot glue to attach one end of the table leg to the top center of the largest plate and hold it in place until it sets completely. (You could also use an industrial strength glue in place of hot glue if you like, it will just need longer drying time)

Step 3

Use hot glue to attach the other end of the table leg to the bottom center of the smaller plate and hold it in place until it sets completely.

How To Make a Two-tiered Tray


I got my plates, which are pretty light-weight, at Hobby Lobby on sale for 50% off. You could likely use this same method with something other than plates if you want. Just keep in mind how heavy your material is and how supportive your table leg is based on it’s height/width. Also keep that in mind for what you plan to store on your top tray.

I bought my table leg at Lowe’s and cut it down to the size I wanted based on the spacing I needed between the plates to achieve the overall desired height. There are a variety of different legs to choose from and there are also other options like dowel rods. I chose a table leg because of the wood-spun detail. If you choose something that needs to be cut down and don’t have the means to do so at home, I know Lowe’s will cut it for you. I imagine most lumber/home improvement stores will do the same.

You just want to ensure that both ends are level cuts and have enough surface area to provide support for your items.

How To Make a Two-tiered Tray

And there you have it! This is just one of several ways you could possibly make your own two-tiered tray. Time to make use of some vertical space and add a splash of color to your counter tops!

What will you use your two-tiered tray for? Do you have some other supplies that you feel would be good to use for this project?

Until next time,

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How To Make a Two-tiered Tray
Vertical Storage…small spaces…whatever you’re need. Those two-tiered trays are all the rage! Here’s how to make a two-tiered tray yourself.

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