DIY Stenciled Throw Pillow

DIY Stenciled Throw Pillow

Don’t you just love those cute farmhouse-style throw pillows with the clever and relatable sayings!?  I do….but I don’t love the price tag on most that I find. And so I figured, ‘I can totally make that for less’! Keep reading and I’ll explain how to make a DIY Stenciled Throw Pillow!

Why Throw Pillows?

DIY stenciled throw pillow by Into DIY

Pillows are a great way to add a little something extra to your space! They can add a pop of color, texture, or meaning to your decor…or all of those things!  

DIY stenciled throw pencil

It is a huge contrast walking into a space without throw pillows versus one WITH throw pillows. In my opinion, a room isn’t complete without throw pillows!

There’s just something comforting and homey about throw pillows. I have had a strange affinity for pillows since I was a child. I used to say that I was going to have a room designated just for pillows when I had my own house (oh, the mind of a child…no, I don’t have the luxury of having a room that I can dedicate just to pillows).

Not all throw pillows are created equal…

DIY Stenciled throw pillow by Into DIY

Pillows may be stuffed with sparsely packed polyester filling or forms which tend to fall flat and don’t garner the same response as the down-filled versions.  A down and feather mix is usually the most appealing to the eye and results in the fuller, fluffier pillows. You can go with a down alternative if you are allergic to down.

Another tip I was given by a friend of mine a long time ago is to measure your case unfilled and then use an insert that is 2” bigger on all sides.  So if you have a 20×20 case, you would use a 22×22 insert. That doesn’t apply to rectangular pillows, you would just do an inch bigger on the shorter sides and 2” on the longer sides. The fill-type, insert size, and fabric are usually what dictates the price point of a throw pillow. The bigger, fuller, down-filled versions with quality fabric tend to fetch a higher price than the semi-flat, smaller, polyester-filled versions. You’ll typically find the same rule applies even if you’re making it yourself.

While I can make my own case when I want, I like to buy a plain pre-made case with a zipper and then stencil my own designs/messages on them (I’m not much for sewing). For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m using some materials I already had around the house and I won’t be using a fluffy insert that is larger than my case; the point of this is to show how you can stencil your own designs onto the pillow.

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DIY Stenciled Throw Pillow

DIY Stenciled throw pillow by Into DIY


**First, you want to make sure your fabric is wrinkle-free…so you may want to iron or steam it.

Also, some people make these throw pillows using paint, but I find it quicker and easier to use a fabric marker so I don’t have to wait for each letter to dry before moving onto the next; with a marker, it dries instantly!

Step 1

DIY stenciled throw pillow by Into DIY

Layout your pillow case on a nice flat, solid surface and plan out where you want your words or decorations to lay.  You can use the ruler and pencil to mark guides if you want.

Step 2

Place your first stencil where you want it….

If you are using a regular stencil, you may find it easier to tape the stencil in place so it won’t move around.

I used reusable, sticky stencils.  You just peel them off their sheet, place them where you want them and once done you can peel them back off and place them back on the sheet they came on to save for the next project!

DIY stenciled throw pillow by Into DIY

Step 3

Take your fabric marker and start dabbing/filling in the stencil area. Be careful to hold your stencil tight to your fabric so you don’t have any marker seeping under the edges of your stencil.

I used a jute pillow case, so since the fabric is course, I pressed in as I dabbed to ensure I was getting proper coverage.

(If you decided to use a fabric paint, I suggest using a flat-foam brush or sponge to dab the paint onto the stencil.)

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 & 3 with as many stencils as you need to create your message or design.

(If you are using paint, you may need to allow your paint to dry before moving on to the next stencil.)

DIY Stenciled throw pillow by Into DIY

Once you are done with your design (and it’s dry if you used paint), then you can insert your pillow form into the case and you are done!  The only thing left is to decide exactly where you are going to put your awesome DIY stenciled throw pillow!

Do you have any other tips/suggestions for stenciling your own pillows? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Until next time,

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DIY stenciled throw pillow by Into DIY
Learn how to make your own stenciled throw pillows for less!

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