DIY Spring Monogram Wreath

DIY Spring Monogram Wreath

Spring is starting to bloom and each day I notice more and more of the trees budding and the green seeping back into the grass. The flowering trees are my favorite and seeing them come back to life inspired me to make a spring wreath covered in flowers! My sister’s birthday is coming up soon and it’s hard to shop for her, so I figured I’d make this wreath as a gift. Check out the tutorial below on how I made her spring monogram wreath!

Spring trees

In the past, I’ve only made the ever popular bubble wreaths with wired ribbons, burlap, or deco mesh.

DIY Bubble Wreath Cover by Into DIY

A few weeks ago, I was in a Home Goods store and saw some little monogram wreaths. They were adorable and just screaming ‘SPRING’. They were smaller than the typical wreaths I see, but I still grabbed one and flipped it around to check the price…..$28 each!!! It got me thinking, I could totally make that for less’!

Well, I’m not sure about making it for less, but I was able to make a much larger, more typical sized wreath for about the same amount. I was at Hobby Lobby looking at supplies to make it and I went ahead and got everything except the flowers since they weren’t on sale. I also like to buy things like this from Amazon if I’m planning at least a couple days ahead. The most costly part of this type of wreath is the flowers.

If you know much about Hobby Lobby, you know they rotate their departmental sales weekly, so if ever something isn’t on sale, just wait a week or two and it will be! You can check at the start of each week on Hobby Lobby’s website to see their new sales ad. I waited until they had their 50% off florals to snatch up several variations for my wreath.

List of Things to Consider When Choosing Florals for the Project…

~Stems with multiple flowers

  • Select stems that have as many flowers as possible that can be clipped off and used separately
  • Make sure the clipped stems are rigid/long enough for your needs

~The cost versus the number of flowers you can get off the stem

  • This is more your own judgement on the value for the price
  • The goal is to buy the least amount of stems to complete the project

~Flowers that will compliment one another when placed closely together

~Get at least one stem of greenery to mix in along with any greenery you can clip off the flowers     

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How To Make a Spring Monogram Wreath

Spring Monogram Wreath supplies


Step 1

Start laying out the floral foam blocks if/where you can without cutting them to begin forming your letter, then once you need to make curves/cuts you can use a knife to slice the foam to fit the pieces into the shape you need.

(Don’t worry about making this completely perfect, it will be covered)

Step 2

Once you have your letter shaped out, use the floral pins to secure the foam blocks together. I did this on the front and then flipped it and did it on the back too.

Spring Monogram Wreath1

(One thing I would do differently next time is to slice the foam blocks down so they aren’t so tall/deep)

Step 3

Use the chicken wire ‘ribbon’ to wrap around as much of the letter form as you can to help stabilize it.

Step 4

Using your wire snippers/floral cutters, clip the flowers/greenery off each main stem, making sure to leave enough of a rigid stem to stick them a good way into the foam so they will stay put.

Step 5

Then start placing flowers randomly on your foam letter until you have covered it. I chose to do one type of flower at a time so I could space them out how I wanted.   

Optional Step

*If you want/need to better secure any of the greenery or flowers that are protruding off the edges, you can wrap some floral wire around that area, tucking it down in around some of the other flowers.

Spring Mono Wreath Cover

And viola! Your personalized spring monogram wreath!

You can use a variety of methods to hang it depending on where you are planning to put it.

To take the picture of my finished wreath, I just removed a picture frame and hung it on the hardware already there. For more a more permanent hanging solution, I decided to use some of the floral wire wrapped around some of the chicken wire on the backside to form a hook that my sister can use to hang it on her wreath hanger.

Let me know if you try this or if you have any tips for these types of wreaths.

Until next time,

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DIY Spring Monogram Wreath in 5 easy steps with 5 supplies!

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