DIY Rope Basket

DIY Rope Basket

Do you like decorating with baskets or using them for storage and to keep a space more organized? I love baskets of all shapes and sizes, but I don’t always love the price I have to pay for them. Keep reading to see what how you can make your own rope basket!

diy rope basket 1

Things I Use Baskets For…

  • Decor
  • Toys (kid & dog toys)
  • Shoes
  • Blankets
  • Fancy wastebasket (with a liner of course!)
  • Magazines
  • Fruits/Veggies
  • Kids’ snacks
  • Keurig (coffee) K-cups
  • Games
  • Extra throw pillows
  • Remote controls/game controllers
  • Extra toiletries/toilet paper

And probably even more I’m not thinking of. I swear, you can use them for nearly anything!

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My Inspiration

DIY Rope Basket 2

I’ve had this cheap little wire mesh basket in my laundry room for quite some time now. It’s unattractive and see-through. It serves as a convenient place to toss the candy wrappers and whatnot that I pull from the kids’ pants pockets, holey socks, and the lint after drying a load of clothes. I think I grabbed it from one of the dollar stores a few years ago.

I have wanted to dress up that basket for awhile now, but to be honest, it hasn’t exactly been on my priority list. Well, I now have a much more appealing laundry wastebasket after covering it with rope!

If you have an unsightly, cheap basket you’ve been meaning to change or just enjoy trying new DIY’s, then do what I did and make it into a rope basket!

DIY Rope Basket

DIY Rope Basket supplies


  • Rope (I recommend a thicker rope as it will cover the surface area quickly)

**Start at the top and use some hot glue to attach one end of the rope to the edge of the basket and then continue around the rim until you have the first row complete

DIY Rope Basket rim

**Then, flip the basket upside down and direct the rope down just slightly to start another row right under the first one. I found it helpful to apply the hot glue onto the previous row of rope instead of the basket since mine had very little surface for the glue to stick to. But you can glue directly to the basket if yours is more solid.

DIY Rope Basket

**Continue around row after row until you get the entire basket covered

~Tip: You don’t have to put a continuous strip of hot glue all the way around each row, I used about an inch strip of hot glue about every 4 inches or so.~

DIY Rope Basket bottom

It’s up to you if you want to cover the bottom with rope. I chose to continue onto the underside of the basket. I followed the outside perimeter of my circular basket and then continued to spiral it in to the center until it was completely covered.

The nice thing about hot glue is that it dries quickly, so no waiting around to use your new rope basket!

DIY Rope Basket finished

What will you use yours for?

Until next time,

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  1. This is SUCH a cool idea! I have a junky looking waste basket that has been floating around my play room. I keep stuffing it in corners so it doesn’t stand out much but THIS… this tutorial will fix it! Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa! I’m glad you like it. It’s such a simple idea for dressing up those plain tubs and trash cans, right!? You’ll have to send me a picture of your finished project!

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