DIY Bath Bomb

DIY Bath Bomb

Imagine: It’s been a long, hard day at work or taking care of the kids & running errands….you get everything settled in the evening and you finally have some ‘me’ time to relax. A nice soak in the tub sounds nice (maybe with a little…*clears throat*…wine). Well, why not enhance that with a DIY bath bomb?! Who doesn’t like to watch those things fizz and dissolve? And what’s even better is when they have a great essential oil scent built-in!

What is a Bath Bomb?

A bath bomb is a wonderful ball of greatness that is awesome for relaxing and detoxifying, but you have to make sure you check the ingredients if you’re buying these from a retailer.  Some of them may have perfumes that are toxic or may use preservative ingredients that can be harmful.  So be mindful….or make your own with the DIY Bath Bomb recipe below. Like I always say ‘I can totally make that for less!’


Benefits of a Bath Bomb

Some of the ingredients found in typical bath bombs are beneficial to your body and have multiple other creative uses….

Epsom Salt 

is known to pull toxins from your body; to learn more about the uses and benefits of this mineral, head over to The Epsom Salt Council.

Baking soda

is another ingredient which can help detoxify and balance the body’s pH levels.

Coconut Oil

is a good immune booster because it contains lipids and acids that have antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. It’s also great for locking moisture into your skin.

Citric Acid

is what causes your bath bomb to fizz. It is said that there are skin benefits to this ingredient, though some people have a bad reaction to too much of it. The amount in your bath bomb shouldn’t cause any issues though. You can read a bit more on this at Z Living.

Essential Oils

can have therapeutic qualities with different scents providing different benefits.  Not all essential oils are created equal though; in order to get these benefits, it’s important to make sure the ones you use are purely distilled and certified therapeutic-grade.  

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‘Pick your poison’ (in a good way)

Lavender – for helping reduce anxiety, stress, & depressionDIY-Bath-Bomb-by-Into-DIY

Chamomile – is a good mood booster & antidepressant

Peppermint – reduces nausea, awakens the mind and helps with focus

Sandalwood – said to clear congestion and help with coughs & muscle aches

Frankincense – soothing and also reduces anxiety

Eucalyptus – can aid in relieving symptoms of cold or flu, as well as help with migraines

Now, on with the recipe. This may take a few tries to get the hang of….at least, that was my experience!

DIY Bath Bombs



Other Supplies –
Bath bomb molds (these are good for DIY Christmas ornaments too) or something you can use as a mold

Step 1
*Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl

Step 2
*In a separate container, mix the coconut oil & essential oils (I used lavender & peppermint)

Step 3
*Gradually whisk the mixture of coconut oil & essential oils into the dry ingredients. (This is also the step when you could add a couple drops of food coloring if you want.)

Step 4
*Slowly start whisking the water in until it starts to clump

Step 5
*Once it starts clumping, that is when you want to pack it into your molds.  I used the back of my spoon to help pack it in well.

Step 6
*Let the molds setup for a bit, maybe 15-30 minutes. You want it to have started to dry, but you don’t want it all the way dry.  (I tried 5 minutes but that was too short. I also tried overnight, but then mine were stuck in the molds…pppfffttt!)

Step 7
*Carefully, gently remove the bath bombs from the molds and let set for 24 hrs before use

TIPS: Don’t add too much water or it will fizz up all over the place and when you try to put them in your molds, it will just keep expanding and not setup. At least, I’m guessing that’s what would happen (hehehe)!


This recipe made 2 of those 2 3/4” clear, round bath bomb molds.

Pretty snazzy, right!? Now you can whip up a couple of these whenever needed and have them on hand for when you get to relax in the tub! Not a tub person? That’s fine, you can use them in the shower too. You will only get the benefit from the essential oils in this case; just place one down near your feet where the water can hit it and enjoy the aromas of your chosen essential oils!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or a better version of these…drop me a comment!

Until next time,

P.S. – If you haven’t already, check out my DIY Foot Soak which also uses epsom salt, baking soda, & essential oils!

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DIY Bath Bomb by Into DIY
DIY Bath Bomb – relax and enjoy! Always know what you are soaking in!

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