How to Cut Burlap Without it Unraveling

How to Cut Burlap Without it Unraveling

Are you into crafting? Well, if so, chances are you have done projects that call for the use of burlap. I love the look of it on many things, but dealing with burlap itself…not so much! Don’t you hate when you are cutting it and it just keeps unraveling!? Well, today I’m going to show you how to cut burlap without it unraveling!

How to cut burlap without it unraveling with Into DIY

What is Burlap?

Burlap is a coarse woven fabric from the skin of the jute plant. It’s been around for centuries and is known to be an eco-friendly material. I love those old coffee/tea shipping bags or tobacco bags; those are made of burlap. They are great for incorporating in your decor! There are a ton of uses besides just craft projects, like landscaping or home decor. Check out Vanessa’s post on 100 burlap decor and craft projects!

Cutting Burlap without it Unraveling

How to cut burlap without it unraveling by Into DIY

So…..I’ll try to verbally (or textually) explain how to cut the burlap without it unraveling and then I’ll show you in a little clip below….

First, you want to go ahead a cut a little beyond where you actually need to cut.  

Then, pull the ‘hemmed’ edge away on one side to access the different rows of woven strands. Pick a strand near where you need to cut and pull one end of it so that it pulls completely loose.

This will leave an extra wide space between the rows of woven jute. You can then cut in that open space…and there you have it…a nicely cut piece of burlap without the hassle of it unraveling!

Short and sweet and to the point! I know this was a short one, but after finding this out, don’t you want to go grab some burlap and get started on your next project?!

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how to cut burlap without it unraveling by Into DIY
How to Cut Burlap without it Unraveling

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